What is a Gravity Knife | History, Use, Law and Types

What is a gravity knife? This is a question that many people have asked, as the name of this type of knife is quite mysterious.

In this blog post, we will discuss a gravity knife, its history, legality, and how it is used. Stay tuned for in-depth information about this unique type of knife!

What is a gravity knife, and what are its uses

A gravity knife is a type of knife held open by gravity’s force. The blade of a gravity knife is usually released from the handle by depressing a button or lever.

Gravity knives were originally designed for use by German paratroopers. The purpose of these knives was to allow soldiers to quickly and easily cut themselves free from their parachutes if they became entangled.

Today, gravity knives are used for various purposes, such as opening boxes and cutting rope. Some people also collect gravity knives as a hobby.

What is The Gravity Knife History

Gravity knives have been around since the early 1900s. The first gravity knife was patented in 1906 by German inventor Karl Elsener.

The German military later used Elsener’s design during World War II. After the war, gravity knives were mass-produced and sold to the general public.

Today, gravity knives are legal in most countries. However, some countries restrict who can own and carry these knives.

What are the different types of gravity knives

There are three main types of gravity knives:

Standard gravity knife: Standard gravity knives are the most basic type of gravity knife. These knives have a simple blade released from the handle by depressing a lever.

Lever lock gravity knife: Lever lock gravity knives are similar to standard gravity knives, but they have a locking mechanism that keeps the blade in place until the user releases it.

Button lock gravity knife: Button lock gravity knives are the most advanced type of gravity knife. These knives have a button that must be depressed to release the blade from the handle.

What are some of the most popular gravity knives

Gravity knives are popular with military personnel, first responders, and others who need a quick-deploying blade.

Some of the most popular gravity knives on the market include the Benchmade Model 42, the Emerson CQC-7, and the Spyderco Street Beat.

The Benchmade Model 42 is a lightweight knife with a 3.25-inch blade made from S30V stainless steel.

The Emerson CQC-7 is a larger knife with a 3.9-inch blade made from 154CM stainless steel.

The Spyderco Street Beat is a budget-friendly option with a 2.75-inch blade made from 8Cr13MoV stainless steel.

All three knives are popular choices for those looking for a reliable gravity knife.

How dangerous are gravity knives compared to other knives

Gravity knives are not considered more dangerous than other types of knives. However, gravity knives can be easily opened with one hand, so they may be more likely to be used in an assault than a traditional folding knife.

In some jurisdictions, gravity knives are illegal due to their potential for crime. If you are interested in purchasing a gravity knife, check the laws in your area before doing so.

Are there any restrictions on owning or carrying a gravity knife

There are restrictions on carrying a gravity knife in many states and countries.

In the United States, possessing or carrying a gravity knife in New York, California, and Florida is illegal. It is also illegal to sell or manufacture gravity knives in these states.

If caught with a gravity knife in one of these states, you could face serious penalties, such as jail time.

What should you do if you’re arrested for carrying a gravity knife illegally

In some states, such as New York, possessing a gravity knife is a felony offense. This means that if you are convicted of carrying a gravity knife in New York, you could be sentenced to up to four years in prison.

In other states, such as California, possessing a gravity knife is a misdemeanor offense. This means that if you are convicted of carrying a gravity knife in California, you could be sentenced to up to one year in jail.

Suppose you are facing charges for carrying a gravity knife. In that case, you must speak to an experienced criminal defense attorney who can help you understand the charges against you and your options.

FAQs related to gravity knife

I hope you have found the answer to your questions about the gravity knife. If not, then here are some more related questions and answers to clarify it further.

How is a gravity knife different from other knives?

A gravity knife is a blade designed to be opened quickly and easily with one hand. Unlike switch army knives, which require the user to apply pressure to a button or lever to open them, a gravity knife can be opened simply by gravity. This makes it an ideal choice for situations where time is of the essence, such as in emergencies or during combat.

Gravity knives are also often used by people who work in industries where they need to open and close knives frequently, such as chefs or butchers. While gravity knives are legal in many jurisdictions, some areas are banned due to their potential for misuse.

Why are gravity knives illegal?

While gravity knives may seem innocuous, they are classified as dangerous weapons in many jurisdictions.

The problem with gravity knives is that they can be easily concealed and quickly deployed. As a result, a gravity knife can be transformed from a harmless-looking tool into a deadly weapon in a matter of seconds.

This makes them particularly dangerous in situations where people are not expecting to be attacked, such as in a crowded public place. For this reason, many countries have made it illegal to carry or purchase a gravity knife.

Are there any safety tips that should be followed when using or carrying a gravity knife?

Some safety concerns should be considered before using or carrying one. First, the blade of a gravity knife is held in place by a simple locking mechanism. If this mechanism fails, the blade can suddenly fall out, posing a serious threat to the user or anyone nearby.

Second, the sharpness of the blade makes it easy to cut yourself while opening or closing the knife accidentally.

For these reasons, handling a gravity knife with care is important, and keeping the blade pointing away from your body.


A gravity knife is a type of knife that falls into the category of switchblades. It gets its name because it “falls” out of the handle when released, instead of knives propelled with a button or lever on the handle. They have been around in one form or another for centuries, and their popularity has ebbed and flowed over time. Today, they are illegal to carry in many states in the US but remain popular among certain groups such as military personnel, firefighters, and rescue workers. Various types of gravity knives are available on the market, each with its unique features and purposes.