About Us

Welcome! KnifeHero is for all things knives, blades, and swords.

Who We Are?

We’re passionate about knives and what makes a knife useful to you. We want to give you all the best advice on how your knife should work for you – from how to sharpen a knife, which type of steel it should be made from, and how it should fit in your hands.

KnifeHero was first launched in 2021 by my co-founder and me out of our interest in knives and our desire for good information about them.

How did Knife Hero start?

I was working as an assistant at a small company that manufactured a range of kitchenware products. One day, I stumbled across some information on why one blade was superior to others.
I was surprised that there wasn’t any easily accessible information on these topics online so I decided to start Knife Hero with my co-founder (at the time).

What do we really do?

We write how-to and a step-by-step guide on how to sharpen knives with stone what is the best fix for a blade knife or which kitchen knife last the longest.
We are dedicated to taking readers on an in-depth look at some of their favorite knives like Japanese-style kitchen knives, hunting knives, and bushcraft knives while providing important tips like where they should be stored or how to sharpen them.